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Login to Facebook: Prospecting With Facebook Pages

by Kipli Joni In this book, here’s Just a LITTLE of What Will Make You to Discover…

A simple secret Facebook Page Strategy to IMMEDIATELY connect with your viewers so you get prospects right away (Chapter 1)

The top tips to produce the Perfect Facebook page that ensures people like your page and get on your email lists to market to those prospects (Chapter 2)

The top 4 “facebook business marketing” rules of thumb that make a Facebook Page a marketers’ dream (Chapter 2)

Why Aristotle and Facebook can help you make you money with a Facebook Page. (Chapter 3)

The “Marketing Billboard” of FREE advertising on your Facebook Page. Learn how to use this properly to get 10 times the clicks to your email list to convert into sales. (Chapter 4)

How to use Custom Tabs and what kind of Custom Tabs really drive prospects to your business. (Chapter 4)

The top secrets using Custom Tab Pages for list building, video marketing, seminars, events, and showcasing your products or services (Chapter 4)

The “easy way” to use your Facebook Page for marketing research. What secrets lie in the data and what to do with those secrets to convert them into sales. (Chapter 5)

How to use Story Marketing as a powerful sales tool (Chapter 6)

The little known “free software” that can literally turn your posts, pictures, and videos into a viral rocket and reach millions of viewers in a matter of days (Chapter 7)

The top 5 Facebook Apps that help you engage with your Facebook followers on autopilot to get them to take action! (Chapter 8)

And much more ....

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