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How To Buy Physical Gold With Purity 999.9

by Kipli Joni

Public Gold is the largest gold shop in South East Asia. Todate it has 19 branches in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Public Gold offers three (3) options to buy gold for the convenience of the buyers.

  1. Buy with full payment at any Public Gold branches (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore) or order online. In return you get your physical Gold.

  2. Buy and pay with 4 installments through online or at the Public Gold branches. If you buy 100gm or more, pay in 10 installments. After completing the installment, you can collect your physical gold from the branch.

  3. Recommended Option - Save into GAP account (Gold Accumulation Plan) to buy gold grams. When you reached your desired gold grams/kilos, go to any Public Gold branches and redeem your physical gold. See detail description below.

The options offered by Public Gold is convenient, safe and no hussle.


GAP stands for Gold Accumulation Program. Public Gold offer this simple way for customers to buy and accumulate gold gradually, as low as 1 gram or minimum payment of RM100. It's the best, cheapest and convenient mean to accumulate gold throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.


  1. We buy Public Gold grams by transferring some money to a Public Gold bank account.

  2. Legally-traded deals (ijab and qabul) when Public Gold begins to record purchases of gold grams into the buyer's online statement.

  3. Such ownership is based on legal ownership (qabadh hukmi / constructive possession).

  4. When transferring cash money, it is a security deposit (hamham jiddiyyah) and 100% backed by physical gold.


  1. Buy gold gram through GAP account and physical gold is 100% backed up and guaranteed by Public Gold. There are no charges for storage until such time you want to redeem your GAP account with physical gold. The additional charges (minimum) is called Gold Premium, which comprise of cost of storage and logistic cost. At any time, you can top-up your GAP account to buy and accumulate your gold gram. Practical advice, buy gold in smaller quantities regularly – The process of part buying, as opposed to buying gold in single large transactions provides you with the benefit of buying at a lower average price with the same applying to part selling in order to maximise return on investment.

  2. Buy gold gram through GAP account and physical gold can be conveniently redeemed in the form of gold bars or coins (dinars) at any of the nearest Public Gold branches.

  3. The buying/selling processes via GAP received Syariah certification.


  1. To keep GAP account active, a minimum balance of 1 gram is required at all times. You can withdraw all the remaining gram in the GAP account, but it will be classified as "close account". In the future, if you want to reactivate your GAP account, additional charges (RM50) will be imposed.

  2. Every gram accumulated in the GAP account, may be withdrawn in any form (5gm, 10gm, 20gm, 50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 1000gm; 0.5, 1, 5, 10 dinars) of a gold bar or dinar. The withdrawal of the physical gold will be subject to minimum gold premium. The premium gold charges should be paid in cash, upon the withdrawal of the physical gold.

  3. GAP accounts can be opened by anyone who has an identity card. For those under 18, the account will be named jointly with the parent (father/mother).

  4. Your Gram of gold in GAP account can also be sold/pawn without having to take the physical gold, subject to some terms and conditions. The monetary proceeds will be entered directly into the owner bank account within 24 hours.

  5. Gold gram in GAP account can be converted to GoldCash (1gm = 100 GoldCash) and used for shopping at PG MALL, an online shopping platform owned by Public Gold.

  6. The GAP price is updated every day at 12 midnight. Current price is RM178/gm (13th December 2017 – seemed to be the lowest for the year, compared to RM198/gm).

  7. Gold product such as 1 gram gold bar, 5 grams and 1/2 gold bars are great if purchased using the GAP method because they are much cheaper than cash and carry prices. The latest price list can be found at


Practically, anyone can purchase gold offered by Public Gold using the GAP method. However, the following groups will use the GAP account to their advantage:

  1. Anyone who wants to accumulate gold and withdraw the physical gold when the desired amount is achieved.

  2. Anyone who wants to accumulate gold but having security and safety issues when keeping physical gold on hand.

  3. Anyone who wants to transfer their cash savings in financial banks into gold deposits (protect against monetary inflation)

  4. Anyone who works/residing abroad or staying remote from Public Gold branches. When there is opportunity to return to Malaysia and visit the nearest Public Gold branches, it will be possible to withdraw the physical gold from the GAP account.


Follow the following steps.

Good luck


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