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How To Buy Physical Gold With Purity 999.9

Updated: Feb 24

by Kipli Joni

Public Gold is the largest gold shop in South East Asia. Today, it has more than 19 branches in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Public Gold offers three (3) options to buy gold for the convenience of the buyers.

  1. Buy with full payment at any Public Gold branches (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore) or order online. In return you get your physical Gold.

  2. Buy and pay with 4 or 10 instalments through online or at the Public Gold branches. After completing the instalment, you can collect your physical gold from the branch.

  3. Recommended Option - Save into GAP account (Gold Accumulation Plan) to buy gold grams. When you reached your desired gold grams/kilos, go to any Public Gold branches and redeem your physical gold.

The options offered by Public Gold is convenient, safe and no hustle.

Learn more about GAP, please click here.

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