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What if I say PG Mall pays you Incentives

by Kipli Joni

PG Mall is unlike any other online marketplace. PG Mall prioritizes not just the shoppers & merchants experience but also the privileges each of them would enjoy before, during and after their great experience with us. With that as the core of our business model, we introduce a New Concept namely ConsuMerchant®, focusing nothing but only the privileges to be rewarded to each registered shoppers and merchants in our platform. Registered in Singapore, ConsuMerchant® is a brainchild idea harvested by our Executive Chairman, Dato Wira Louis Ng who determined to appreciate in return the shoppers & merchants for playing a vital role in the growth and expansion of PG Mall.

While the importance of e-commerce in current technology-pumped era can't be denied, the power of "human-to-human engagement" definitely not ought to be underestimated. Hence, PG Mall is the First and "One-and-Only" online marketplace which strategically merge the ecosystem of e-commerce and the cultural traditional business info transmission, the "Word of Mouth" to bring humongous privileges to those whom are a part of the community.

Combining the definitions of Consumers (shoppers/buyers in PG Mall) and Merchants (sellers in PG Mall), ConsuMerchant® plays a critical role to spur the global business economic growth especially in the e-commerce ecosystem. PG Mall deploys as a platform for shoppers & merchants to enjoy endless reward for their Referral dedication to PG Mall through the traditional and new innovative ways.

Firstly, register with PG Mall at

  1. Click "Sign Up" on the top right of the screen

  2. Enter you email and provide password

  3. Provide "PG00111753 (Kipli Joni)" as your Introducer.

Alternatively, simply click this link:

Click here to learn how you can get your friends who sell actively online, to sell on PG Mall and you start earning Referral Incentive:

Click here to know how you can get your friends to buy on PG Mall and you start earning Referral Incentive every time they spend on PG Mall:

Wow!! Easy Steps!

In each successful purchase, you will enjoy a lucrative cut of incentive to your account. Hence, let's get off from our couch and start spreading the words - how awesome to shop in PG Mall.

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