• Kipli Joni

Welcoming 2018 for more Successes with Public Gold

Dear Friends and All,

Wishing you all a happy, joyous, fun-filled and merry Christmas and looking forward to the new year.

I’m sure we have achieved our 2017 goals and perhaps with some exceptions. Nevertheless, let that remain as lessons learnt to drive our achievement for the coming year 2018.

In my opinion, 2018 is going to be more challenging and lots of uncertainties, especially on the economic front. However, what we have achieved and learnt from 2017, will be some great tools to guide and prepare our journey in 2018 and perhaps beyond.

But no doubt, for some, we may still have unclear goals for 2018. Let me share some of my thoughts:

  • Be more aggressive in your investment and savings (e.g. save 1 gram of gold a month)

  • Look for opportunity to garner passive income (Look out for Public Gold, PG Mall)

  • Ensure your emergency fund/saving is sufficient (6 months’ salary à in gold gram)

  • Build/strengthened your savings for your children education

  • While you are still young, carry out multiple streams of income (full-time, part-time) and save to maximum

  • Protect your saving/wealth from inflation (how? Convert a portion to gold)

  • Fast-track to settle your commitments (loans, credit cards, etc)

  • Stop/avoid your involvement in high risk investment (go for medium/low and surely)

  • Focus on sharing of knowledge to help our younger generations

  • Increase spiritual values and love for your family and friends

  • Engage in community and religious activities.

  • For our seniors, let us be called "Warga Emas" and have lots of gold, not in name alone

  • Remember: Top-up and Save, save, save … in gold!!

This Saturday, 30th December 2017 (time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, place: Pustaka Miri), Hafizul Hakim (“Raja Emas Borneo”) will deliver a seminar. I strongly urge you to come and participate, to learn and gather knowledge about using gold as an instrument for your saving and investment. Most importantly, lets give our full support to our leaders and mentors. Hope to see your presence and perhaps you are the lucky one to win lucky draws!!

In addition, as promised, I shall pull out lucky draws for those who have registered their GAP account with me up to the month of November 2017 ( If you are an owner of these PG Code, you will have the opportunity to win 0.5 gm of gold.

  1. PG014595

  2. PG00113572

  3. PG00114080

  4. PG00114412

  5. PG00116388

  6. PG00116389

  7. PG00116906

  8. PG00117022

  9. PG00117077

  10. PG00118540

  11. PG00120996

  12. PG00121232

If you have not register, please do so soon for December Lucky Draw and will continue into January, February, March 2018. Don't miss this golden opportunity.

Thank you and wish you lots of success in your undertakings for the new year.

Kind Regards,

Kipli Joni & Bebiyana Tambi

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