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Doing Business with Public Gold

by Kipli Joni

One of the advantages of doing business with Public Gold is, it adopts the concept of sharing economy. Among the products offered by Public Gold are: Gold/Silver bars and coins; Accessories and Jewelries (Aurora); and PG Mall (online shopping platform where you can be a Shopper and/or Merchant).

By sharing about Public Gold products and services with friends and family, you will receive rewards in terms of cash, bonuses, paid vacations, subsidized cars and houses.

This is an easy business. Sign up with Public Gold as Dealers and then simply recommend to your friends and families – passive income is on the way and flowing in. To sign-up, see the chart below.

For example, to sign-up as Normal Dealer:

  1. You buy 200gm worth of Gold from any of the Public Gold branches.

  2. Sign-up to open GAP (Gold Accumulation Program) account. Click here to understand and how to open GAP account.

As an entrepreneur with Public Gold, this is a business that is easy to join and succeed – various forms of training are made available to those who want to succeed, and you will be working with successful and experienced mentors.

Come, join us as Public Gold Authorised Dealers!

KIPLI JONI (PG Code: PG00111753)

WhatsApp: +6019 855 2408


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