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Camera vs Public Gold

Ever since I started working in the oil and gas company in the eighties, the job took me to travel to many places. I took along my compact camera and soon taking pictures became a serious hobby. I even enrolled into a prestigious photography school and received my certification.

In those days, owning a good SLR camera like Nikon F100 put you in a class of Pro. Without good salary, I later found that this is an expensive hobby. The cost of exposure film, the cost to process the film and then print the pictures. Out of the 36 exposures in a roll, you might get about 10 (or one third) good pictures.

Later in the nineties, technology advancement in camera came into light, showcasing the digital format – suddenly the concept and workflows in photo processing is changing, you literally can edit and enhance your pictures to how you like it to appear. Printing then slowly moving away from the monopoly of printing shop to print with your own colour printer.

Not to be left out by the advancement in digital camera, I found myself investing in many compact, point-and-shoot digital cameras. Brand name like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji became common in my collection – except for Leica – too expensive and bursting my budget.

Later, I invested into buying entry level or professional DSLR digital cameras, limiting to Nikon and Canon, complete with an array of lenses, for example, wide angle, tele-photo and macro, speed-light, strobes, stands and not forgetting colour printers – these are all must have photography equipment.

Retired from my career as an oil and gas professional 2 years ago, I find that my hobby in photography is slowing down. The sets of Canon camera and lenses are nicely packed and placed in its original box. I only use my loyal travelling Nikon camera paired with my iPhone. The photos taken using iPhone is superb and becoming the “in-thing” these days, in view of the quality of the pictures, its portability and ease of use.

Meanwhile, I’ve been investing in buying and keeping gold bars and coin, since early twenties from a renowned gold shop, called Public Gold. I will share with you in another episode on why my choice of Public Gold, instead of the many gold shop in town or other offerings that you can find in the internet, and why I am investing in gold.

The set of expensive high-end DSLR camera that I possessed came to my mind. Instead of it being nicely packed in its original box, not used and furthermore the second-hand value is also depreciating more and more…

Why don’t I sell my nicely packed camera and convert the monetary value to Gold?

That’s a great idea, at least in the form of gold it would withstand from not going to Zero value.

Zero value for gold isn’t an option, hasn’t ever happened and never will. The process to get a 1-ounce gold coin to you has hundreds of man hours behind it, maybe even thousands if you consider the full operation of gold exploration, production, refinement, and delivery. This is the entire point of saving your wealth, you save to not lose. I understand that you can measure gold vs. the dollar, or gold vs. oil, and that its price will fluctuate, but the value in gold itself does not change.

Finally, I sold the camera to a friend who is a professional photographer. With the proceed from the sale, I then bought 53 grammes worth of physical gold in my GAP Account. Not bad at all ... If I have not decided to sell my camera, perhaps the second hand value would decrease even further. Transferring the value to gold give me the assurance that the value will remain and not going to zeros.

It is a safe stash of value that you can tap into when you are in your “golden” years or at anytime throughout your life. Ultimately when you are saving a portion of your earnings, you want to protect and preserve it. Gold, along with the other precious metals, are the best way to achieve the objective of saving money by preserving both the value of your savings and protecting it from unwanted dangers, like government and civil litigation.

In my next episode, I will share my thoughts on the 7 reasons why you should be Saving in Gold.

Now, if you have plan to do similar thing, do consider associating yourself with Public Gold.

I am an active and authorised Dealer with Public Gold.

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Thank you and have a good day…

Bye …

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